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We recycle aseptic cartons, Tetra Pak® type, recovering high quality fiber pulp and Poly-Aluminum, preventing cutting thousands of trees, transforming it’s other components in sustainable construction, interior design and truck body base materials.

We are committed with the environment; our activity prevents cutting 130,000 trees annually.

Our proprietary process allows a 100% recovery on a sustainable way, reusing 100% of the water, waste free, capturing rainwater and without use of any chemicals in our process.

LEED “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” is transforming the way we think about Transcribeme legit? how our buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe.

If you are a collector or a gatherer for recyclable materials, and you currently have Tetra Pak, don’t hesitate and call us.

Affiliate Downline Building Tips: Why and How

I am finally getting to posting about building an affiliate downline – something I’ve been promicing to do for a while now. An affiliate downline can be a very powerful source of additional income for an affiliate marketer and it definitely should not be overlooked.

What is an Affiliate Downline?

Many affiliate programs and networks have two-tier structure. This means that you as a member of an affiliate program or network can refer other affiliates to promote the affiliate offers in this network and get paid for that. The exact scheme may differ from program to program: some may pay you for new affiliates referred to the program who have signed up, some will give you some % of sales the affiliates you have recruited make, some may even have both options. The affiliates you have referred to a program are your affiliate downline.

Who Benefits from Building an Affiliate Downline?

As a matter of fact, everybody does. This scheme is so popular in affiliate marketing for a reason: it works for all sides. An affiliate program or network clearly benefits from having more people promoting their products. You benefit from getting extra commissions from the sales or signups in your downline. Your downline also benefits from it – they ahve probably joined the program based on your positive feedback about it, i.e. you have helped them find a good affiliate program where they can successfully make money. And contrary to a common misconception, if an affiliate program pays you for sales your downline makes, this money comes from the affiliate program itself, it is not extracted out of the commissions other affiliates in your downline are getting for their sales – they won’t get less cause of the downline commission the program pays you.

But is it enough to simply refer people to an affiliate program? Be ready that not everyone you refer will do more than just register. Many people will never make the next people and start actively promoting the affiliate offers, and even those who will promote them cannot be 100% successful – there are so many things holding people back from succeeding as affiliate marketers! I personally have quite a big downline in many programs I work with but only a fraction of those people are currently active.

One more common fear concerning building an affiliate downline is that it means creating competition for yourself. Well, maybe I’ve been lucky so far, but out of my downline not a single person is really my competition (and not just because they are inactive!). My downline is promoting products other than the ones I am promoting. Even if your downline is promoting exactly the same products, they will probably be using different techniques (e.g. PPC as opposed to SEO) or targeting slightly different markets and audience, or targeting them from a slightly different perspective. You probably do not want to build a huge downline in some really niche programs where not much of that differentiation is possible – but other than that, I’d say you’re fine.

OK with all this out of our way,

How to Build an Affiliate Downline?

Here are just some tips on how to build your downline. I’m pretty sure that these alone will get you started and you will easily recruit a few affiliates truly interested in making money through your affiliate programs.

1. Refer your friends and personal contacts – they are the people who know you and trust your opinion, and you will also be able to help them get started with promoting the affiliate offers, thus turning them into successful and active affiliates. One of my friends is my best downline asset in one of the programs I work with.

2. Participate in affiliate and Internet marketing communities – the chance of attracting the attention of serious, experienced affiliates is high there. Do NOT spam your affiliate links there however – this will make a negative impression instead of getting people interested in your affiliate programs!
3. Make a blog about affiliate marketing – but be sure you post in it regularly and your posts https://www.stealthsecrets.com/lucky-day-app-review/ offer some interesting angle, not just repeat what everybody else writes about. Most of my downline signups came from this blog. A blog is also a useful tool for being part of an online marketing community.

4. Write honest reviews of the affiliate programs you work with – this is the best way to target people who already consider joining a certain program and just want feedback from those who have experience with it.

5. Participate in communities related to the products your affiliate program offers and you promote – this way you can attract people who use the products by showing them a way to make money and target affiliates working with concurrent affiliate programs in the same market. These affiliates are already familiar with the market and may be interested in expanding the set of products they are offering.

There are of course other ways possible – so if you had success building your downline some other way please share it in the comments.

Where Can You Build Downline?

Out of the programs I work with, the following have an option for recruiting second tier affiliates (some of them I have reviewed earlier – these reviews are linked from here, others I will review soon):

These programs offer all kinds of products for you as an affiliate to promote and pay you commissions for your downline sales. I will be reviewing the ones I have not reviewed yet soon and posting all the details about each of them.

And as usual – if you have signed up as my downline you are free to contact me and ask me any questions you might have about this particular program. Like I promiced, I will help you get started with it.