We Perform Successful Sustainable Transformations

We recycle aseptic cartons, Tetra Pak® type, recovering high quality fiber pulp and Poly-Aluminum, preventing cutting thousands of trees, transforming it’s other components in sustainable construction, interior design and truck body base materials.

We are committed with the environment; our activity prevents cutting 130,000 trees annually.

Our proprietary process allows a 100% recovery on a sustainable way, reusing 100% of the water, waste free, capturing rainwater and without use of any chemicals in our process.

LEED “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design” is transforming the way we think about Transcribeme legit? how our buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe.

If you are a collector or a gatherer for recyclable materials, and you currently have Tetra Pak, don’t hesitate and call us.